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With nearly the entire country spending time at home, consumers are primed for at-home entertainment.

Founded in 2015, MasterClass has given subscribers immersive online experiences with classes instructed by the “world’s best” including courses from Diane von Furstenberg, Marc Jacobs and Anna Wintour. Categories have spanned courses on writing, business, cooking, photography, performance and even sports, though new to the roster is a set of lifestyle courses engaging students in physical craft and practical wisdom.

Newest to the lifestyle category is MasterClass’ first interior design course by Kelly Wearstler, which includes 17 video lessons on Wearstler’s “unique approach to the fundamentals of interior design.” In conversation, Wearstler told WWD she hopes that students will come away from her class learning how deeply personal interior design is and to find their own style and voice.

Like the other courses in the MasterClass lifestyle category, Wearstler’s course has a wide appeal. “Good and effective design is a crucial part of living a considered and intentional life. The way we design our space is indicative of our personalities and this class helps students find their taste and bring it to life,” Wearstler said. “We all benefit from being surrounded by beauty and following our passions.”

When finding new courses, Rogier said the MasterClass team is always looking to members to inform interests and feedback. “When it comes to selecting instructors, our number-one guideline is, ‘Is this someone other masters in their field would love to learn from?’” Rogier said. “It’s very much a collaborative effort between our team and the instructor, with our team being the voice of the student, but ultimately, it’s up to the instructor. For instance, we will research and share with the instructor things the world wants to learn from them and they, in turn, share what they wish someone taught them.”

“Teaching this MasterClass has given me a unique opportunity to look back on my career and share my experiences with students who are interested in interior design,” Wearstler told WWD. “We are always learning and I set out to inspire individual creativity through this class and assure students that they can do this, too.”

David Rogier, cofounder and chief executive officer of MasterClass, said subscribers can look forward to more courses to come in the lifestyle category as well both this year and beyond. “Kelly’s MasterClass is our first interior design class,” said Rogier, “but more than that, the behind-the-scenes access really stands out to me. She takes our members behind the scenes of one of her hotel projects and into her home and studio, to show how she lives and works. But, most of all, she shows our members how to find their own style and creativity to express themselves.”

While so many are now working from home, Wearstler said it is “really important that your workspace be a sanctuary where you can be productive and feel inspired.”

“It’s a tumultuous time that we’re living in but as we are all home, it gives us the chance to pay more attention to our immediate surroundings,” advised Wearstler. “I recommend organizing your space more efficiently, move furniture around for a different setting, dive into your book collection and revisit favorite classic and contemporary art and design for inspiration, explore galleries and museums through online tours, design magazines, fashion, art, travel imagery. Inspiration is everywhere and thankfully easily accessible virtually with Instagram feeds, blogs and online shops. There are endless opportunities to find what you like and how to make the most of your space.”

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