François-Henri Pinault at the Kering press conference

LONDON — Kering and London College of Fashion, already partners in the fashion and sustainability arena, have created the first open-access digital course in luxury fashion and sustainability called Fashion & Sustainability: Understanding Luxury Fashion in a Changing World. An announcement is expected today.

According to Kering and LCF, it aims “to strengthen sustainability education in the luxury and fashion realms in order to promote the wider adoption of more sustainable practices.”

Codeveloped by LCF academics and Kering sustainability experts, the course is built on six key modules and tackles themes such as sustainable sourcing in luxury fashion and how to contextualize sustainability.

François-Henri Pinault, chairman and chief executive officer of Kering, said the company believes the shift toward sustainability and innovation in luxury fashion “is not only an imperative, in our world of finite resources, but also a gold mine of opportunity.”

He said Kering actively works with its brands to craft sustainability strategies, “but we also wish to contribute to the evolution of luxury fashion as a whole by sharing our expertise with industry counterparts and educating future generations.”

Through a mix of films, podcasts, activities and discussions, the course aims to cover the theoretical aspects of sustainability and real-life business cases that luxury fashion brands face when integrating sustainability.

The course lasts six weeks and spans 18 teaching hours. Those taking the course will have the possibility to complete it at their leisure via mobile, tablet and desktop-friendly platforms.

Professor Frances Corner, head of London College of Fashion, said the course has been more than a year in the making and informed by the teaching and practice of Centre for Sustainable Fashion at London College of Fashion and Kering’s Sustainability team.

She said the course is significant “because it signals a real desire and commitment from the industry to the ‘open sourcing’ of knowledge. Often we can feel overwhelmed or unsure what sustainability means for our industry, but this course aims to empower aspiring and existing fashion professionals alike and help them develop their own manifesto for change.”

Dilys Williams, a professor at London College of Fashion and founder of Centre for Sustainable Fashion, said the course “suddenly brings to the fore that, if you’re thinking about fashion, you do need to think about it from a bigger-picture perspective. I also think that idea shows that we are cross-referencing each other and thinking in a new way about how the industry industry works and how academia works.

Registration for the course opens Feb. 20, with the first session to begin on April 9. It is open to anyone, with the specific aim of educating future talents, designers, luxury fashion professionals and members of the public with an interest in fashion.

As part of the platform’s rollout, LCF and Kering are teaming with the British Fashion Council to reinforce the wider adoption of sustainable practices by industry professionals and future talents alike.

Via the BFC, young British designers are currently previewing the platform to ensure its relevancy to designers and luxury fashion professionals seeking to expand their sustainability knowledge.