Fiber firm Lenzing said today that fashion designer Mara Hoffman will integrate its Tencel Luxe branded Lyocell filament yarns in her upcoming spring 2019 ready-to-wear collection, as well as its Tencel x Refibra product in designs for fall 2018.

Hoffman, one of the first designers to incorporate Tencel Luxe branded Lyocell filament yarns, is well-known for her selections of sustainable fibers and fabrics. Lenzing’s buttery soft botanic fibers are derived from sustainable, renewable wood sources via a closed loop production process, according to the firm, and can be used as a “cruelty-free replacement for silk.”

Hoffman will feature fabrics made with Tencel Lyocell and Refibra technology in her fall 2018 collection, which is the only commercially available fiber made from a combination of cotton scraps and renewable wood, the firm said. And Lenzing’s Tencel x Refibra product, which is praised for its “softness, strength and beautiful finishing,” is both compostable and biodegradable in soil and seawater.

Photo courtesy of Lenzing AG. 

Designer Mara Hoffman, said, “Clothing places an intense burden on the environment. Through intentional fabric selection and design choices, we create collections that look and feel good and that have a significantly lower impact on our planet. Our customers are starting to understand our sustainability efforts, to learn about them, and to look for them in other brands, too.”

“When apparel brands incorporate fibers like Tencel Luxe and Tencel x Refibra, they help move the industry in a more sustainable direction,” said Tricia Carey, director of global business development in denim at Lenzing AG. “Mara Hoffman’s collections define her as a conscientious, thoughtful visionary who helps her customers make responsible choices that also answer every requirement for style, comfort and personal expression.”

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