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Naked Retail, a shopping solution that facilitates brand activations and custom concept stores, is redefining “conscious consumption.” The brand said it reopened its NoLIta flagship store this week — and that means shoppers can peruse products through its experiential, redesigned COVID-19 safe shopping environment that was “consciously” created.

Its retrofitted space will feature 40-plus direct-to-consumer brands and allow shoppers to interact with said brands for the first time.

The consciously created space begins at the entryway, with blue floor squares that have been spaced six feet apart to “subtly suggest distancing,” alongside an ultramodern complimentary sanitizing station, which features products from partner Touchland, in addition to a mask station and mandatory temperature testing. And don’t miss the shoppable storefront element that allows consumers to purchase items straight from their mobile phones, from the windows — to “redefine ‘window shopping’ for a new era,” according to the brand.

To top it all off, a contactless checkout area enables shoppers to purchase items as they shop, which then wind up on shelves in the mobile pick up section of the store where customers can scoop up their goods from various brands.

Naked Retail

Image courtesy of Naked Retail

For a bit more context, Naked Retail is a “concept born out of necessity” by cofounders Justin Kerzner and Bruce Gifford, who together created a collaborative space that allowed the two entrepreneurs to share overheads and showcase their respective direct-to-consumer brands in-person. Today, Naked Retail’s space is a vision for a world and industry turned upside down with a model that prioritizes “form and function,” one of the company’s distinctive values.

Earlier this year, in response to COVID-19, Naked Retail launched “care packages” to support its brand partners, which were bundled with hand-selected and products from the health and wellness space, featuring products such as Hers Calm and Focus Tea, Asystem Superhuman Supplements and 8 Greens supplements, among a slew of other mood-enhancing items.

Justin Kerzner, founder, Naked Retail, told WWD, “As it relates to COVID-19, we focused on a few key factors: our team, our customers and our brand partners. We wanted to create an environment that felt completely safe but also briefly took the customer away from the unfortunate reality we’ve all been facing.”

Naked Retail

Image courtesy of Naked Retail. 

Its unique retail concept also features a custom adaptable/flexible retail system designed to promote longevity and reuse, via non-fixed structures and fixtures created with adaptable elements that are capable of reuse for different brands or activations through light deconstruction or reconstruction. Naked Retail said it also leveraged cost effective, recycled and reusable locally sourced basic construction materials, using a high/low mix of brick, recycled polycarbonate panels and sustainable plywood that allowed their designers to “design and refine existing elements with a softer approach.”

Kerzner added, “With regard to sustainability, we wanted to ensure that we developed a space to adequately suit our sustainable brands. We focused on entirely reusable materials — and also a design sensibility that allowed us to repurpose for each activation, every three to four months.”

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