Nudie Jeans

Although Earth Day has passed, there are many companies that are striving to keep their sustainability agendas alive throughout the year. And there are some brands who, since their inception, have had a commitment to sustainable practices embedded into every aspect of the company. Nudie Jeans is one of those companies.

In its sustainable report, Joakim Levin, chief executive officer of Nudie Jeans, said in “terms of our sustainability ambitions and work, last year made it even more clear that sustainability is one of our core pillars. Much of our sustainability-related work was carried out as planned despite that the pandemic affected our daily life and other parts of the business.”

Levin said when Nudie Jeans launched 20 years ago, “we were clear about one thing: we would do it our way. Back then, sustainability wasn’t the talk of the town, like it is today. Still, we knew enough about the impact of the fashion industry that we decided to do everything in our power to make a difference: for the workers, their communities and the environment.”

The 100-plus page sustainability report outlines brand highlights from 2020 and insights into its value chain as well as the company’s targets and actions in regard to sustainable development goals, or SDGs.

Highlights from 2020 include insights such the number of repaired jeans done and products launched. “With lockdowns and stores closed, we still managed to repair 45,900 pairs of Nudie Jeans denim,” the company said in its report. “We launched the Ture Blanket made with recycled, post-consumer Nudie jeans and recycled wool” the company said, also noting that for the seventh year in a row, “Fair Wear Foundation ranked us in the ‘leaders’ category.”

Nudie Jeans also placed in the leading category in the Textile Exchange Material Change Index. The company said it joined the Sağ Salim program, “supporting a grievance channel and capacity building for cotton farmers in Turkey,” while also gaining global organic textile standard, or GOTS, certification.

In a short video titled “Our vision,” Levin said the “sustainability part of Nudie Jeans has been with us since Day One.” Using sustainable practices and being responsible has always been the brand’s purpose, he added, and said it is “based on what we believe is right and wrong.”

“We’re an independent company, so we’re allowed to do what we want,” Levin said. “We believe in taking responsibility. So, for us, it’s the natural thing to do. Our mission and vision is an ongoing journey. And that is to be the most sustainable denim company in the world.”