Nomads are a source of inspiration for Pantone's fall-winter 2019-20 fashion colors.

Knowing color forecasting can never start soon enough for many in the design process, Pantone will be previewing fall-winter 2020-21 fashion colors at this week’s Apparel Textile Sourcing Miami show.

The Pantone View Colour Planner forecast is rooted in the concept of Nest, meaning the structure, idea or sentiment that we create to serve as our home. All around this increasingly borderless world, consumers are dealing with political divisions, environmental concerns, unpredictable and at times destructive weather and broader interpretations of family, gender and identity. How all of this shakes out into the diverse definitions of home is something that Pantone’s forecasters have examined.

Laurie Pressman, vice president of Pantone’s Color Institute, said, “Things are changing so rapidly. We had seen that shift in a big way as people went from owning to renting and how that has impacted the entire economy, how people look at things today and how they have become so much more nomadic. This whole traditional concept of home, yes it still exists and we still celebrate it, but what does home really mean? Does home have to be a physical destination or can home be a place in your mind?”

Her presentation Wednesday will be one of the main attractions of the three-day show, which gets rolling May 28 at the Mana Wynwood Convention Center. Organized to highlight developments affecting the apparel and textile market, this spring’s edition of ATSM will coincide with Miami Fashion Week. More than 4,000 visitors from Florida, other southeastern U.S. states and Latin America are expected to attend ATSM, according to organizers. “This seemed to be a trade show that is showcasing the latest developments that are shaping a palette or textiles. It seemed to be an ideal venue to highlight trends and colors, and what’s happening,” Pressman said.

The shifting structure of the family unit is clearly reflected in new advertising and TV commercials, according to Pressman. “It’s not just about one color, one race or one gender. Do we have a gender? Are we all ‘theys’? How do we even identify today and how are kids growing up?” she said. “Yes, we know this idyllic and aspirational meaning of home. It is something traditionally explained as a place where something flourishes. But really looking at home today as a frame of mind. We’re living in turbulent times, we know that we’ve been polarized by politics globally, destabilized by climate because it’s increasingly unpredictable and destructive.”

As a result, the need to nest or retreat is mighty, as proven by the public’s interest in the Danish coziness concept “hygge,” the Swedish “just right” philosophy “lagom” and the latest homebody-friendly term “coory” — a Scottish phrase for cuddling up. “Whether we look at the home as a place of tradition, a physical environment or just some place in your mind, we still — no matter what it is — consider the concept of home as a place of safety, a place we go to nest, to retreat.”

Building on the Nest concept, the preview features three categories — Nomadic, Exo-Planet and Pod. Nomadic consists of such colors as Blueprint, Teal Green, Hawaiian Ocean, Kelly Green, Orangeade, Tillandsia Purple, Tap Shoe and Dazzling Blue. As is the case in other categories, a few colors have metallic options. Teal Green has Black Aqua, Kelly Green has Water Nymph, Tillandsia Purple has Plum Violet and Dazzling Blue has Magnetic Blue.

As its name suggests, Exo-Planet encompasses many environmentally sounding shades as well as otherworldly ones reflective of space travel and other technological-driven aspects of life. Aqua Haze, Pale Khaki, Pristine, Geranium Pink, Silver Cloud, Tawny Brown, Cocoa Brown and Desert Sage are within the category. Aqua Haze has the metallic option of Fairy Wing and Geranium Pink has Ballet Dancer.

The Pod category is inspired by metamorphosis and the knack for transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary. Pod is made up of Blackberry Cordial, Lavender Gray, Ether, Plein Air, Purple Heather, Xenon Blue, Silver and Nimbus Color. Blackberry Cordial can be swapped out for the more shimmery Blackberry Syrup and Silver can be substituted with Contrail.

All this emphasis on urban nomads, couch potatoes and establishing roots somewhere does not mean that sustainability, circularity and nature are not influences, Pressman said. The blues and greens, for example, may be indicative of people’s interest in preservation of water, the dredging of it, retrieving plastics and creating more recyclables to protect it, she said. “When you look at these palettes you see how all these things come into play. New recycling materials, basic ingredients, things that are raw, vegetal as well as more high-tech ones filter into the palette.”

Cultural collisions have also stemmed from a greater acceptance and in some cases mash-up of gender identity, age ranges, outdoor-and-indoor pursuits, retro influences and futuristic ones. To that end, Pantone specialists were surprised when the ever-forward-seeking brand Apple released an iPhone in the retro-looking coral. Living Coral, after all, is Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2019. E-bikes can also be found in coral, “a color that we typically think of as coming from another era,” Pressman said.

Now that balance, wellness and mindfulness are entrenched in society, home — however you define it — has become a safety zone for many, Pressman said. Besieged with all that is happening today, “that need for that retreat has become so much more important. We’re assaulted by so much information and so much stimuli every moment. Without getting political, this is not intended that way,” she said. “What’s always so fascinating is these ideas are global. They’re not just here.”

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