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So much for a good ol’ point-and-shoot camera. In the ever-diversifying field of offerings for professional photographers to consider, product development has only been accelerated by incessant technological developments. From feather-light camera bodies to cloud-based storage features, professional — and socially esteemed amateurs — have plenty to review before selecting a new addition for their gear closet.

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Photography pillars Canon and Fujifilm each offer 4K video-recording functionality. As video is often a regular counterpart to print advertising campaigns — and will likely only increase in the future — cameras that offer dual capabilities that facilitate versatility and efficiency will be a welcome addition to a photographer’s arsenal of gear, especially for photo shoots occurring outside of a traditional studio. Wi-Fi and built-in GPS are simply the status quo for cameras these days, perhaps suggesting not only connectivity to clients and social followers, but also adventure (or at least its potential) for the user.

Interestingly as new developments are pushing the craft into the future, a throwback to formerly popular gear and an overwhelming sense of nostalgia has also infiltrated the industry. Take Impossible Project’s I-1 device: not only does it feature Polaroid’s instantaneous prints — a must when it comes to the Millennial consumer — it also connects to iOS apps for experimentation with different methods of lighting and exposures. What’s more, Epson’s SureColor P800 printer boasts the ability to print on a wide variety of fine art and roll papers — so long, laborious hours spent in a darkroom.

Professionals in the field will be pleased by the newest innovations found within the realm of storage. USB and USD-C drives promote speedy uploading and the capability to transfer files between iPhone, iPads, Macs or PCs.

As the bar continues to be inevitably raised, versatility and cross-medium functionality is becoming a mainstay component of the next wave of photography gear as demands and on-the-go needs of professionals rise.