• PONY DROPS NIKE ‘V’ SUIT: Pony Inc. withdrew its trademark lawsuit against Nike Inc. Tuesday, noting the disputed “V is for Victory” marketing campaign had been wrapped up. Pony has used a chevron to mark its work for over 35 years and argued in an April 3 suit filed in San Diego federal court that Nike’s campaign amounted to trademark infringement, trademark dilution and unfair competition. The suit alleged “the key distinguishing feature of the campaign is the use of a chevron mark which is identical or virtually identical to the registered trademarks owned and used by Pony.” Kevin Wulff, chief executive officer of Pony, said, “We achieved our goal of the lawsuit. Nike is no longer engaging in the infringement and unfair competition noted in our lawsuit.” A spokeswoman for Nike did not respond to a request for comment late Tuesday, but the dismissal was confirmed in court records.

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