CLO vise

CLO Virtual Fashion has partnered with PTC to allow for its PLM plugin, CLO-VIse, to be used with FlexPLM. CLO Virtual Fashion, the 3-D garment simulation technology provider, said the integration facilitates “a more seamless and efficient end-to-end digital workflow for apparel industries.”

Terms of the partnership were not disclosed.

“Through this groundbreaking integration, users are now able to acquire and share vital product information directly between FlexPLM and CLO, making data transfer between the two solutions more seamless than ever before,” the companies said in a statement. “The much-anticipated integration provides brands and designers with a unified solution through the capability to access the entire spectrum of product information such as color, trims and material libraries from FlexPLM — all from within the CLO software. In addition, 3-D products can now be uploaded directly to FlexPLM from CLO.”

The companies said the integration will enable brands within the apparel industry “to reduce time, development costs and material consumption, facilitating a more sustainable and efficient product development process by increasing designer efficiency and productivity and enhancing the entire digital workflow.”

The partnership comes at a time when apparel brands are stepping up investments to improve product development processes, reduce lead times and create a more efficient value chain.

Bill Brewster, senior vice president and general manager of PTC’s Retail Business Unit, said the industry is experiencing unprecedented disruption. “The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the shift to e-commerce, speed to market has become even more critical and supply chains are facing additional complexities. Three-D design is such a vital tool for brands and retailers who need to design and develop products faster, efficiently, and more cost-effectively than ever before, in order to meet the demands of today’s digital consumer.”

Color results

Color results for CLO Vise Suite.  Courtesy image.

PTC said the CLO-Vise plug-in can be purchased through a yearly subscription plan.

Alex Kim, API product manager at CLO Virtual Fashion and lead of the CLO-Vise Integration project, said the company’s initiative “was to develop a standard plugin that is highly scalable and developed in agile methodology by collaborating with PLM vendors and their clients.”

“CLO-Vise will bridge the gap between CLO and PLM solutions for a seamless experience in data changes thereby shortening the time-to-market with Digital Product Creation,” Kim said. “We are extremely excited for this partnership with PTC to provide our mutual clients a native integration between CLO and FlexPLM enabling a seamless digital-only end-to-end workflow.”