ReMode has lined up several interactive and immersive experiences to engage attendees during its inaugural event set for Nov. 13 and 14 at the Los Angeles Convention Center in Downtown Los Angeles.

The show, which organizers describe as an event for “disruptive and sustainable fashion,” is offering “unique spaces where attendees can gather, create, shop and explore the future role of fashion.” ReMode founders said attendees “will be able to gather in these spaces to share ideas, reflect and consider their vision of the future of fashion, while also having fun. Our holistic conference programming includes not just workshops, keynotes and panel sessions, but also art, creative spaces, concept shops and areas that showcase the latest innovations in materials and technology.”

The interactive and experiential programs at ReMode will include “X-Ray Fashion,” which is a “multisensory, virtual-reality experience” where participants are “face-to-face with the environmental and human impacts of the fashion industry.” The aim is to explore “all stages of apparel production, manufacturing and consumption.” Francesco Carrozzini is serving as the director of this “immersive cinematic experience,” which organizers said is designed to motivate “a carbon-neutral, eco-friendly and socially responsible approach to fashion.”

Pierre-Nicolas Hurstel

Pierre-Nicolas Hurstel  Courtesy image.

There will also be a Le Souk Sustainable Innovation Pavilion, showcasing trends in material innovation and the next generation of designers “committed to sustainability as well as innovative textiles and materials from mills and tanneries around the world.”

Habit Habitacle is an art installation designed by François Girbaud that explores the “future of clothing, its role within society, and a vision for its technical and functional evolution.” Organizers said Girbaud’s approach “offers a vision of what design and manufacturing can be, highlighting the latest developments in materials and technologies that reduce resource usage and waste.”

There will also be a Global Fashion Exchange clothing swap, and an ethical “concept shopt” of sustainable fashion. The U.N.’s Conscious Fashion Campaign will also be promoted.

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