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ReMode, a new event that will convene thousands of attendees and hundreds of industry leaders, aims to help fashion industry stakeholders better navigate a complicated and demanding market. The event, funded by UBM, and which will be held November 13 and 14 in Los Angeles, is described by organizers as an “event focused on disruption and sustainability.”

Pierre-Nicolas Hurstel is the founder of ReMode, and also serves as executive vice president of strategy and business development at UBM Fashion. In 2010, he founded “Blue Change,” a change and strategy management consultancy boutique firm, which consulted businesses through various transformation projects, including mergers and management restructuring. Clients included LVMH, Chanel and Kering. In 2011, he became chief executive officer of Curvexpo, the swimwear trade show in North America, and based in New York.

Here, Hurstel discusses ReMode, the event’s purpose and how attendees will benefit from the content as well as how it serves as an “offsite” for participants.

WWD Studios: What is the impetus behind launching ReMode? What’s occurring in the market that warrants this event?

In just a couple of years, the way we experience fashion has completely changed. We want to be recognized without being tracked, we want personalized experiences, products and designs, and we are demanding that brands operate more responsibly on all fronts – socially, ethically, and environmentally.

At the same time, retail is also being totally disrupted by emerging services and technologies that are actualizing new realities. Their impact on fashion brands is huge and it goes way beyond selling online. This disruption is forcing brands to review and own their entire supply chain, accelerate their time to market, rethink the way they market, sell and retail, and ultimately move to new forms of financing. For this, brands need a new network, new talent and new skills.

We believe these paradigms are offering a fantastic opportunity for fashion to be better and find its way towards growth and sustainability. We launched ReMode to catalyze this positive transformation and to provide fashion decision makers with the ideas, solutions and contacts that will enable them to thrive.

WWD Studios: From a content perspective, what are some of the themes and perspectives that will be discussed?

The industry’s challenges are systemic and transversal. Change can only come from collaboration – internally within companies and across the industry and supply chain. For supply chains to become more transparent they need to be visible, and this is a radical cultural shift. If companies want to accelerate, pivot, or work with a different model they need to collaborate beyond their silos.

For those reasons, we’ve created four ecosystems within ReMode. So essentially, four conferences under the same roof, running in parallel with keynotes, panels, and conversations alongside innovation and demonstration areas that showcase a curated selection of disruptors and leaders.

ReThink will allow participants to understand their changing customers, learn from other industries (for example, Dell, Nespresso or Samsonite will speak) and understand new, groundbreaking technology (think blockchain, a buzzy topic whose industry impact is largely unclear).

ReMake will allow participants to explore new and sustainable ways to design and produce, learn how to accelerate their time to market, understand what’s needed to digitize their design process and discover emerging wearable technologies.

ReMarket will discuss a variety of marketing, sales and retail strategies that can lead to omnichannel success, share how to develop and grow a direct-to-consumer business, and uncover what it means to have a winning wholesale strategy.

Finally, ReInvest will cover new ways to finance and will feature talks by VCs, banks, and private equity firms around raising money, important KPIs, valuations, and possible exit strategies.

We’ve also appointed Dr. Amanda Parkes as our Head Curator. Parkes currently serves as Chief Innovation Officer of Fashion Tech Lab and is a pioneering fashion technologist who incubates high-tech textiles and wearable technology businesses.

WWD Studios: What are some of the networking opportunities at ReMode?

ReMode is designed as an ephemeral coworking space, where participants can work, connect and enjoy. The space itself will facilitate networking opportunities and organic connections.

We will leverage technology throughout the space, and will also have our matchmaking service, which allows participants to connect, chat and plan meetings with recommended attendees via an app before and during the event. Our hosted brand program will also generate hundreds of preset meetings between brands and solution providers.

Alongside our content and the event itself, we will be announcing additional unique experiences closer to the event.

WWD Studios: What are some of the expected outcomes for attendees? Do you expect attendees to leave the event with “actionable insights”?

One-hundred percent. Our aim is to curate an event that is action-oriented. Our talks, technology demonstrations, networking events and more will feature content and experiences where attendees can interact and walk away with tangible next steps. And given that our event is in November, after the tentpole tradeshows and near the end of the year, we truly hope this event is a prime time for all participants to implement valuable changes to their business.

Think of ReMode as an offsite. We handle everything – you simply attend and leave with a refreshed action plan around growth and sustainability for your company and team.

To learn more and register for the event, see: https://remode.com

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