SEMrush report

Online marketing solution firm SEMrush has crunched the data on global online searches across multiple subject categories and themes. And in terms of average monthly traffic in the fashion apparel e-commerce space, Wildberries, which is Russia’s largest online retailer, took the top spot.

SEMrush also noted that searches for “oversize sweaters” experienced the most growth in 2019. Other top fashion items that experienced high year-over-year growth in monthly average searches included bike shorts, midi slip dresses and fur jackets.

Maxim Roslyakov, senior vice president of marketing in SEMrush, said when looking “at the global ranking of clothing and apparel web sites, Wildberries ranks first, significantly ahead of the second and third rankings, H&M and Macy’s. Interestingly enough, Wildberries struggled behind H&M and Macy’s during the first half of the year.”

“We also found the majority of top 10 online stores account for single-brand retailers, but based on trends over the second half of the year, we feel the share of fashion e-commerce aggregators may also increase in the following year,” Roslyakov said.

In the report, researchers of the firm noted that half of the top e-commerce sites “originated from varied countries including Spain, Sweden, Japan and Italy, with the other half rising from the United States’ desire for fast fashion.”


SEMrush ranked fashion sites by average monthly traffic.  Courtesy image.

In regard to what consumers were searching for, researchers at SEMrush said “some styles can be classic, and some may change with the season, but the trendiest items of 2019 were highly coveted.”

“Oversize sweaters experienced the most growth when comparing yearly average searches with a 400 percent increase in global popularity,” the firm said in its report. “Tied for the second trendiest item were leather trenchcoats and linen blazers — fantastic additions to any wardrobe, no matter the climate — both with 236 percent increase in growth in 2019.”

SEMrush data

Top fashion items cut across multiple apparel categories.  Courtesy image.

SEMrush’s report also included the most searched global keywords. “Memorable moments of any year can be defined by what we’ve searched for most, and 2019 is no exception,” authors of the report said. “Entertainment-related topics (i.e. new movies and TV shows) took up 40 percent of the top 10 trending items list, followed by notable people of 2019 (30 percent), sports events (20 percent) and new tech products (10 percent).”

Number won on the keywords list was “women’s world cup 2019” followed by “IPL 2019” and “Thanos.” Other top keywords included “iPhone 11” and “Avengers Endgame” as well as “Game of Thrones” and “Meghan Markle.”