had the most traffic in April.

In SimilarWeb’s latest roundup of most trafficked beauty sites in the U.S., lead the way, followed by, which describes its mission as redefining “luxury beauty by creating amazing products at prices that don’t break the bank,” garnered 2.09 million total visits for April. came in with 2.06 million. In third was with 1.82 million, and in fourth, with 1.23 million. was fifth with 1.16 million, and was followed by with 1.11 million. Seventh was with 1.05 million, followed by with 1.01 million and with 1 million. closed the top 10 list with 991,000 visits.

“After direct visits, search is the biggest source of traffic to the category,” researchers at the firm said in their report. “The combination of organic and paid search accounts for nearly 35 percent of all visits. Organic accounts for 30.4 percent of search traffic, while paid accounts for 4.9 percent. Both keyword groups are heavily branded.”

With social media, SimilarWeb said the channel was “the next largest contributor of traffic to the top 10 beauty cosmetic sites.”

“Jeffree Star receives 25.6 percent of all social traffic sent to the category, followed by Glossier at 21.8 percent, ColourPop at 14.4 percent and Younique at 12 percent,” the company noted. “The rest of the sites all sit below 6 percent.”

The researchers said by social media sources, Jeffree Star and ColourPop both get the majority of social traffic via Youtube, “while Glossier and Younique get the majority of theirs from Facebook.”

“Colourpop and Glossier have a more dispersed strategy, while Jeffree Star and Younique have a top-heavy one, with the biggest contributors driving over 70 percent of traffic,” the company noted.

Year-over-year, there were distinct changes in social media sources. “Jeffree Star decreased YouTube traffic by 10 percent and increased Twitter traffic by 6 percent,” authors of the report said adding that Reddit replaced Pinterest for a top-five spot. “ColourPop decreased YouTube traffic by 8 percent and increased Facebook traffic by 12 percent. Pinterest replaced Twitter for a top-five spot.”

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