“Kiss the Ground” is revealing viable solutions to the climate crisis one Netflix viewer at a time.

A selection of the 2020 Tribeca Film Festival, the documentary is narrated by Woody Harrelson and also features Ian Somerhalder, Gisele Bündchen, Jason Mraz, and Patricia and David Arquette with a new song by Jason Mraz.

“With the accelerating rate of natural disasters happening around the world, now more than ever we must make a positive impact on the Earth through our choices as consumers and the way we farm our food,” said RJ Jain, executive producer of “Kiss the Ground” and founder and chief executive officer of

Releasing this week on Netflix, the documentary follows Josh Tickell’s book “Kiss the Ground,” which was released in 2017 and explores soil regeneration and its place as a solution to the planet’s climate crisis.

Jain told WWD he was inspired and motivated to give back by becoming involved and bringing visibility to the global climate crisis after first reading Tickell’s book. He applauds Tickell for showing “how feasible it is to make these changes at a grassroots level immediately and make a truly substantive impact with low cost and easy to implement solutions.”

“’Kiss the Ground’ equips each one of us with tools to make a difference,” Jain said. “The documentary shares scientific insights on how healthy soil can draw down carbon from the atmosphere, reversing climate change while creating abundant and healthier food supplies. Furthermore, we can significantly mitigate the risk of natural disasters like flooding, drought and fire when we rebuild our soil, so it absorbs and retains water as it is meant to do.”

Kiss the Ground

The documentary follows Josh Tickell’s book “Kiss the Ground,” which was released in 2017.  Courtesy Image.

In the past, has also partnered with many resale companies including Goodwill, Poshmark and Rent the Runway to share more sustainable options.

“Fashion has addressed the sustainability issue and needs to continue to do so,” Jain said. “We have seen the challenges with the fast-fashion industry, it just creates too much waste. For example, cotton production uses more pesticides than any other crop in the world, and while regenerative cotton is coming in the future, its poignantly obvious we should all be choosing quality over quantity at this point. Every industry needs to address waste and make environmentally friendly choices and business decisions to benefit society as a whole.”

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