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Following Kelly Wearstler, RuPaul and Bobbi Brown, Tan France is bringing his expertise to an all-new course within MasterClass’ lifestyle category.

MasterClass, the subscription service that provides its members with immersive online classes instructed by the “world’s best” is hardly new to the world of fashion, already offering classes taught by Diane von Furstenberg, Marc Jacobs and Anna Wintour. France’s course, though, uniquely engages the viewer on a personal journey rather than a professional one.

“Tan’s class is our first class on personal style, so inherently, he brings unique talents to the roster that we know our members will love and apply to their everyday life,” said Ankush Jindal, MasterClass supervising creative producer. “Especially during these uncertain times, Tan’s class inspires anyone to feel like the best version of themselves, bringing a sense of humor to something like fashion that can often be intimidating.”

According to France, his MasterClass is an exploration of style rather than fashion and something that everyone can engage in.

“I think people think that they need to buy a bunch of new things to feel stylish, what you’ll learn from my MasterClass is that you might actually have a lot of these things in your closet, or if you don’t, the things I’m suggesting you buy, which one of the things I talk about is a capsule wardrobe, should enable you to be stylish without having to buy things for, hopefully, years to come,” France said. “I think that you don’t really have to buy or reinvent your wardrobe regularly because you have a capsule wardrobe, so with the price that you pay for a membership, I’m hoping that people will think, ‘OK, I don’t necessarily need Tan in my life personally [because] I get him to give me general advice that I can apply to my wardrobe not just try to apply somebody else’s experience on ‘Queer Eye’ to my wardrobe.”

With quite literally millions of people getting to know him through Netflix’s lQueer Eye,” France told WWD he received thousands of personal styling questions in his DMs.

“I did [MasterClass] for selfish reasons,” France said. “I don’t look at my DMs anymore. I stopped looking about a year ago, year and a half ago, just for my mental health. However, what I do remember from my old DMs, and the DMs my assistant checks, is [receiving] 500 questions a day. And it just was impossible for me to reply and I felt so guilty thinking, I know that you need a response.”

Tan France

France’s MasterClass offers practical tips on how to find and develop their own personal style to feel like the best versions of themselves.  Courtesy Image.

With his MasterClass, France said, all of these questions are answered. “Within these episodes, you get to hear pretty much everything I might have to tell you,” France said. “I’m hoping that [members] will take away styling tips for the beginners and for people who already feel relatively comfortable, they just got stuck in a rut and hoping that they will take away the fact that you can have a style or that you can be stylish without having to have the full ‘Queer Eye’ moment in real life.”

Throughout the course, France draws from his own experiences styling professionally and personally and stresses that people do not need to shop from designer brands to achieve great style. Instead, viewers are given practical tips on shopping, how-to direction on creating a capsule wardrobe, and a number of rules of styling.

In fact, according to the MasterClass team, there was intent while filming to “steer away from making it about style trends and, instead, focused on teaching members how to find their overall personal style.”

The rules of styling are created for viewers to create timeless wardrobes, but antidotally, France told WWD a new rule of style may be that comfort first is now paramount. “I wouldn’t have said that many years ago, I mean I always want to be comfortable, but it’s not at the forefront of my mind when I’m putting a look together,” France said. “I just wanted to look the way I wanted to look and feel like my look was impactful. Myself, and everybody else I think, is now focusing on comfort and making sure that they feel the way they want to feel physically and mentally. I would say that I’m [going to] see a lot more sweats, in my life and I’m not mad at it.”

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