Anti-extradition protesters react after police fired tear gas at them in the Admiralty area of Hong Kong, China, 05 August 2019. Hong Kong is in the midst of a day of citywide strike following a ninth consecutive weekend of multiple anti-extradition rallies and intense clashes between demonstrators and police over the now suspended extradition bill to China.Anti-extradition protesters clash in Hong Kong, China - 05 Aug 2019

Escalating social and political turmoil across the globe, a sagging real estate market and four more years of President Trump are some of the top 20 trends predicted by Gerald Celente, publisher of the Trends Journal.

Celente, who is noted for forecasting accurate trends, said in his annual report that as global economies slow and social unrest gains momentum, consumers will find relief in the finer things in life. Coming in at number five on the list, “elegance” is the “new level of high style for low times,” Celente said. “Beauty is uplifting; it’s an antidote to the chaos around us.”

The Trends Journal also noted that dressing elegantly “with style and with care — need not require expensive designer brands, and it won’t be found following the latest, absurd celebrity fashion trends.”

“It’s the time to bring forward creativity and individuality, where less is more, and better is great,” Celente said in the report.

Coming in at number one on the list of top trends was President Trump’s reelection. “Despite President Trump’s low approval rating, the mainstream media’s constant negative coverage, and now the 24/7 impeachment drama,” Celente is forecasting that “minus an unforeseen wild card, and there is no more wild of a card than the Trump card, Trump will win the 2020 Presidency.”

President Donald Trump

President Trump  Pablo Martinez Monsivais/AP/Shutterstock

Celente correctly predicted Trump’s election in 2016. And this year, he is forecasting “that the U.S. Federal Reserve will continue to lower interest rates in 2020, thus keeping the economy moderately buoyant.”

Number three on the list is “Off With Their Heads 2.0,” where the “anger and rage directed at the 1 percent, plus the multinational monopolies that political establishments support, will accelerate in 2020, as world economies slow down while the richest stay richest and the vast majorities get poorer.”

Celente said in the U.S. there are “fears and growing concerns among the billionaire financial class of the public dissent and what to do about it…while most in politics and the mainstream media condemn those who want to raise their taxes and spread the wealth.”

Here’s Celente’s full list of 2020 predictions:

1. Election 2020: Trump by Default

In May 2016, Gerald Celente was the first to forecast Trump would win the presidency. Celente is now forecasting Trump will win again in 2020…but this time only by “default.”

2. 2020 New World Disorder

Uprisings and revolutions are sweeping the world. It’s out of control. What’s next?

3. Off With Their Heads 2.0

Anger from austerity and income inequality directed at the 1 percent is growing as world economies slow down while the richest stay richest and the vast majorities get poorer.

4. Independence: Follow No Leader

No leader is leading the uprisings around the world. It’s “Power to the People,” and there’s never been anything like it.

5. Elegance 2020

How to rise above the chaos around us? Elegance! It’s the new level of high style for low times.

6. Real Estate: Peak No More

From modest homes to the overbuilt high-end markets, real estate sales and prices will decline from bottom to top in 2020…and beyond.

7. The Roaring 2020s

Welcome to the “Roaring 2020s,” where it’s party time for the stressed-out masses who want to leave the past behind…time to create new sound and style.

8. Homeless/Helpless

As civil unrest intensifies across the globe and economic conditions continue to worsen, the “homeless” trend will rapidly accelerate in a country, state, city, town, and village near you.

9. Fukushima: Worst Keeps Coming

Fukushima will cast a cloud on the 2020 Summer Olympic games in Japan. There’s no real solution for the cleanup…and it isn’t the only nuclear time bomb in the Pacific.

10. Hi-Tech Heroin

Smartphones, online addiction, 5G…the facts are ignored, and the consequences could be deadly.

Source: Trends Journal

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