As retailers move from holiday shopping reflection to planning, True Fit has analyzed data to reveal trends from the past two holiday seasons to share insights into what retailers can do to strategically plan a successful 2020 holiday shopping season. Key findings from True Fit include peak traffic days, top item categories and varying consumer behaviors between countries.

Contradictory to predictions of peak traffic and an early shopper, True Fit data indicates that consumer shopping occurs throughout the entire holiday season. A peak remained high on the days before and after Cyber 5, creating a seven-day trend. While there was a significant drop immediately after, traffic spiked again on Dec. 15.

Given these findings, the authors of the report recommend that retailers continue to reach consumers early for a consistent season.

Additionally, the company indicates differences in consumer behavior when looking across regions during post-holiday shopping. In the U.S., traffic drops, but traffic in the U.K. remained consistently high into the new year. In Europe overall, data showed consumers are shopping consistently with the peak in traffic lasting two weeks and saw continued high traffic into the new year.

According to True Fit, retailers can “anticipate additional spikes in traffic before and after the traditional peaks within the shopping season.” Authors of the report noted that retailers must adjust holiday shopping promotions planning across regions to appeal to the varied consumer behavior.

Consistent across 2018 and 2019, women’s tops led in most popular items purchased during the holiday season, though 2019 also saw a rise in women’s shoe purchases. This is due to shoppers not only buying gifts but personal items for the holiday season as well.

Data from this report is taken from data streams within the Fashion Genome, which tracks consumer behaviors and trends based on items purchased within a specific parameter and based on traffic to a True Fit-enabled PDP.

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