Aegle Gear

Uli Becker has teamed with friend and former colleague George Brown to launch an e-commerce health care apparel brand, Aegle Gear, aimed at changing “the mindset of health care institutions and health care workers when choosing their uniforms.”

The two are offering users of standard uniform “scrubs” (that are worn in hospitals and health care facilities) the choice of “health care performance apparel.”

“Current offerings in many cases are no better than bed sheets sewn into pajamas,” Brown said. “For an industry that focuses on excellence and quality, uniforms have become an afterthought.”

As cofounders of Aegle Gear, Brown and Becker are hoping to raise “the bar to meet the demands of the modern health care worker” by drawing upon “their experience of designing gear to help athletes perform in a myriad of environments while maintaining comfort and style.” That means offering a line of rip-stop, stretch fabric as well as an antimicrobial fabric “designed to withstand the daily rigors of the healthcare worker.” The antimicrobial fabric is treated with Protx2, and can withstand 100 washes, the company noted. It is also odor and fluid resistant.

The brand, which is named after a Greek goddess of health and beauty, is available in women’s and men’s. For women, the collection includes base gear (innerwear) and prime gear, which is the workwear. The company also offers outerwear. For men, Aegle currently offers the prime gear. Price points for the base gear are between $30 and $50 an item. Prime wear tops run $44 and bottoms between $62 and $64. Outerwear jackets are priced at $62 and $68.

The men’s prime gear top is $46, and the bottoms are $65. The company also offers “team purchases” for groups of health care workers and/or businesses. “The design is ergonomic, offering many of the functions found in your favorite exercise apparel,” the company said.

Becker served as a senior vice president at Adidas from 2002 to 2006 before joining Reebok, where he held the positions of president, chief executive officer and global chief marketing officer.