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It takes a special chemistry to stand above the quickly evolving beauty industry, one that requires not only a great product but great partnerships as well.

When Jenny Frankel launched Nudestix with her daughters Ally and Taylor Frankel in 2014, the voices
of three generations came together with the idea of creating “real-life makeup” for the “modern-day woman.” Nudestix is currently available in 30 countries globally and is sold at retailers including at Ulta, Sephora, and Macy’s, among others.   

“Nudestix was experiencing tremendous growth opportunity and new retail distribution opportunities with new stores, and one of the things we recognized was it wasn’t enough to just open stores, we needed to perform at every single store.”  “We love to educate, we love to service clients, we love to show them how to create a Nudestix look and when you have 500 locations, in the U.S. alone, you need an army”, said Frankel. 

To source an “army” Nudestix turned to the industry’s leading sales and education management company, Beauty Barrage. “With over 300 W2 employees across the country, we were able to jump in and add brand ambassadors across all markets,” said Sonia Summers, chief executive officer and founder of Beauty Barrage. “Beauty Barrage has an experienced and dedicated education team that was able to onboard all brand ambassadors armed with the signature customer experience for Nudestix in store.


Jenny Frankel, founder of Nudestix.  Courtesy Image.

“It is difficult from a geographical perspective to service locations [where we do not have an existing infrastructure] so we needed an [help] in those locations,” said Frankel. “And Sonia’s team at Beauty Barrage has an army [of brand ambassadors] that you can option overnight, which is really what we felt we needed to do to elevate our productivity in the stores that we had partnered with retailers to open.”

 To achieve seamless messaging and education, Nudestix and Beauty Barrage work constantly to keep brand ambassadors informed and inspired. According to Summers, this constant communication is an essential component driving the success of the partnership. “We train our field team every month to ensure that our Brand Ambassadors stay on point from a brand messaging perspective, but we further educate them on service and selling,” said Summers. 

 Additionally, Nudestix co-founder and chief inspiration officer, Taylor Frankel, has taken Nudestix education to the next level by personally managing a monthly video conference call with the Beauty Barrage ambassadors. “Having the brand founder on the call elevates the experience and makes them feel like part of the team,” said Summers. “When a brand like Nudestix sees us as a strategic partner and is intricately involved like this, it translates into a much higher
ROI from a sales perspective.”

Sonia Summers

Sonia Summers, founder and CEO of Beauty Barrage.  Courtesy Image.

“Constant communication is what makes our partnership so great,” said Summers. “Our account management team has weekly calls with the Nudestix team where we review the business, check in to make sure we are executing on defined strategies, address concerns,
consider possible opportunities, learn about new product launches, and discuss updates and changes to retail marketing plans.”

“Being present at store level, especially in today’s economy and with what the [current beauty] retail landscape looks like, you’re seeing retailers having smaller teams or fewer beauty advisors on the shop floor to service clients,” said Frankel. “But I do think it’s really important to ensure that brands don’t lose that level of education and client service that you need to really build a brand.”

According to Frankel, Beauty Barrage is an essential part of Nudestix’s growth strategy, and they consider Beauty Barrage to be an extension of Nudestix team. “They get the same communication and they get the same resources and event packages,” said Frankel. “The strategy is for [the presentation] to be seamless at store level so that the Beauty Barrage brand ambassadors look like they work for Nudestix in-store.”


Nudestix.  Courtesy Image.

 Concurrently, it is a partnership that has not gone unnoticed by retailers. “We’ve had retailers mention how much of a positive impact partnering with Beauty Barrage in those remote markets has made,” concluded Frankel. “And we’ve seen the lift and conductivity because of it.”


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