Lardini SS2020

As Cuba celebrates Havana’s anniversary more than fifty artists from 49 countries have honored the Caribbean island with dedicated works. Cuban imagery fills Lardini’s newest collection with color and floral prints, evoking Havana’s spirit for the ideal Lardini gentleman’s travels.

Here, Luigi Lardini, creative director at Lardini, discusses the lively inspiration for the Spring-Summer 2020 collection, an introduction to denim and continued progress on sustainability.

WWD Studios: Tell us about your inspiration for the spring-summer collection. Why was it important to pay tribute to Cuba and Havana in this collection?

Luigi Lardini: It is Havana’s 500th anniversary and the collection is inspired by the city’s colors and shades and visibly, the collection references the Cuban territory.

In the main men’s fashion trends for the next season, the formal should not be overlooked, though season after season we are returning to having much more comfortably fitting suits for any type of situation.

The volumes, shapes, and lengths are expanding. We’ve used innovative fabrics such as Tencel and bamboo and combined with linen in our suit’s jackets and vests and there is no longer a tight and short fit.

WWD Studios: The Spring-Summer collection introduces a dedicated denim project. What can we expect from these pieces?

L.L.: Behind every project, there is always a long research period. For the denim project, we are introducing the consumer to another wardrobe element.

I foresee the future of clothes to be a continuous improvement on the different occasions of dressing. For example, travel has become a bigger part of our daily life. Capsule collections like our Easy Wear and LIKNIT, which launched years ago, and Lardini’s SS20 denim collection are part of that future.

Lardini SS2020

The Lardini Evento collection.  Courtesy Image.

WWD Studios: What can you tell us about the collaboration with illustrator Andrea Mancini in the collection?

L.L.: The collaboration with the illustrator Andrea Mancini is exclusive to the summer collection. He is always current and was able to give to the inspiration images a fresh and young touch. In the collection, Mancini’s illustrations are found on organic cotton t-shirts that are presented inside fully sustainable and recyclable packaging.

WWD Studios: How else has Lardini continued to advance its sustainable practices?

L.L.: The rigor of our company, the quality of the tailored productions, the attention to detail and the elegance of the Lardini style are our core values which are consequently also found in the architecture of our factory.

Environmental protection, sustainability, and ecology are values that Lardini is constantly supporting for the protection of our space in which we live and interact. Our headquarters, in the Marche hills, creates a harmonious, pleasant and “ecological” work environment. The company was among the first in the area to use a photovoltaic system to contribute to energy saving and anti-pollution filters that improve the quality of the environment.

We must protect the world and we use sustainable practices in creating our products as well.

We started to insert eco-sustainable fabrics into the collections and we continue to try to insert new ones but the road is very complex. The process of doing so is a very delicate process that takes careful research. Maybe one day we will make a complete collection with entirely eco-sustainable clothes.


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