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Retailers take heed: It might be the words within online consumer reviews that are more important than the star rating. As part of an analysis to garner consumer behavior insights, content marketing solution provider Yotpo scrubbed more than 20 million product and shopping reviews in the U.S., the U.K., Germany, Scandinavia, France, Spain and Italy using the same artificial intelligence technology used in the company’s platform.

The approach was to leverage “natural language processing, semantic grouping and sentiment analysis to surface predominant shopper opinions around specific aspects of their engagement with brands.” The results were eye-opening, according to the firm, and also showed cultural differences in consumer sentiment.

“Most reviews are four- and five-star, but beauty is only skin-deep,” noted a company spokeswoman. “While this is applaudable and delivers immediate validation, shoppers don’t take stars at face value and neither should brands. The opinions within the reviews themselves convey very important information that can impact the buyer journey.”

The words mentioned most frequently in reviews, in the U.S., included “quality,” which has the highest average sentiment, according to researchers at the firm, “fit” and “look.” Other words connotating what shoppers care about included: material, color, customer service, feel, style, size and product. “Straps” was also mentioned, but the company said it had the lowest average sentiment.

In regard to the U.S. states with the most satisfied shoppers, Nevada was tops as measured by average star ratings. Based on the metric of average sentiment, the most satisfied shoppers were from Alabama. Regarding least satisfied consumers, Alaska topped the list in sentiment while New Mexico garnered the least satisfied via star ratings.

The researchers also did a head-to-head analysis between reviews from New York and Los Angeles. When the firm measured product shipping sentiment, Los Angeles scored higher than New York.

In the U.K. and Europe, the most mentioned words in reviews included: quality, service, product, fit, delivery, smell and husband. The firm found that the least satisfied shoppers were from France while the most satisfied were from the U.K.


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