When it comes to who spends the most money on clothes each year, down under is tops while the Great White North takes second place.

Ranked by per capita expenditures on apparel, Australians dole out the most with an average of $1,050 annually while Canadians spend about $831. Japan ranks third with $814, and the U.S. is fifth with $686.

In the U.S., apparel spending has recently seen competition from spending on experiences, which includes eco-tourism adventures, long-distance bike trips and around-the-world cruises. However, there have been recent signs of a shift back to spending on apparel — especially women’s wear.

In Australia, the fashion apparel market has suffered from the same challenges seen in other parts of the globe. “[It] has faced several challenging years, with cautious consumer spending, intense competition and higher rent costs affecting overall revenue and profit,” said analysts from IBIS World. “Over the five years through 2015-16, industry revenue is expected to expand at a compound annual rate of 3.3 percent, with growth largely driven by the rise in bricks-and-mortar retailers developing online sales channels.”

Regarding Russia, Brazil and China, ongoing economic concerns may negatively impact sales growth in the apparel segment.

Per Capita Spending on Apparel (in $U.S.):

1.   Australia                    $1,050

2.   Canada                       $831

3.   Japan                         $814

4.   EU-27 members       $663

5.   United States            $686

6.   Russia                        $272

7.   Brazil                          $273

8.   China                         $109

9.   India                          $36


Source: Statista

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