Authentic Brands Group has signed a long-term partnership deal with Global Brands Group Holding Ltd. for the design and production of certain product categories for the Jones New York brand.

The Jones New York brand, which does nearly $1 billion in annual retail volume worldwide, was acquired by Authentic Brands in April. Sycamore Partners acquired the brand when it bought Jones Apparel Group for $2.2 billion in 2014.

In the Authentic Brands deal with Global Brands Group, women’s wear, men’s wear, kid’s wear, accessories and footwear will be designed and produced by Global Brands Group. Authentic Brands in turn will be responsible for developing an omnichannel marketing strategy for the brand across media channels including social, digital print, in-store and direct-to-consumer.

Jamie Salter, chairman and chief executive officer for Authentic Brands, said, “This is our third big deal with GBG. They’ve figured out how to really build brands. We will be working closely on what we’re good at and what they’re good at.” The other two brands that the two firms are collaborating on are Juicy Couture and Spyder.

Trademarks for Jones New York under Authentic Brand’s ownership include Jones New York Collection; Jones New York Signature; Jones New York Sport; Jones New York Studio; Jones JNY; Jones & Co., and Jones Studio.

Salter said the goal for the Jones New York brand is to bring it back to what it was, and so far he said in discussions with retailers, “We are getting very good support from the retail distribution landscape.”

Salter added that while 2016 will be an exciting year for the brand — the first distribution with  Global Brands Group is planned for fall 2016 — it will be 2017 when the brand will “be on track to being a megabrand in the marketplace to compete with its rivals such as Calvin Klein” in the contemporary space.

Global Brands Group was speculated to be the strategic partner for Authentic Brands in April when it acquired Jones New York from Sycamore.

Bruce Rockowitz, ceo and vice chairman of Global Brands Group, said, “Jones New York is a welcome addition to Global Brands’ portfolio, and we are excited to be working with ABG to redefine and expand this enduring classic.”

Dow Famulak, president of Global Brands Group, said, “Jones New York has established a firm position as a popular and well-regarded American brand. We are excited to leverage Global Brands’ strong retail relationships, innovative design skills and distribution across all of our diverse product categories and intend to work closely with ABG to distribute Jones New York products through various retail channels.”