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On Tuesday evening, the Black Accessory Designer Alliance held its semiannual New York Fashion Week pop-up.

Hosted by committee founder Wilbur Pack Jr., the event — held at Chelsea arts space Unarthodox — allowed four designers (including Pack himself) to display their designs.

“It’s going really well, we applied for a 501(c)(3), we incorporated and we launched our web site today,” Pack said of BADA’s progression. “We are doing membership starting in January, and that’s when we will do a membership drive. The cost of membership goes from $25 to $75 because they are emerging designers and emerging designers have a lot of other things to worry about.”

According to Pack, enrolling in the organization will provide members a discount on showing in the New York Fashion Week showcase (typically $350), as well as entry to panel discussions and programming.

This season, Pack has cleaned up his label SK Wilbur’s look. “I thought that because my aim [before] was to focus on something different for the ladies, I’ve now made it more unisex and utilitarian,” he said.

Knapsacks and totes — many with patch pockets — range from $165 to $400. “I make everything,” Pack said of his designs. “I haven’t gotten into any new stores, which is part of reason I wanted to change my focus and make it a little more clean,” he said.

Velvet Lattimore, of the Brooklyn store Vedazzling Accessories, was also showing her designs with BADA. In addition to selling T-shirts and jewelry from brands stocked in her boutique, Lattimore debuted her own designs — clutches and satchels made of repurposed leather and suede. “My bags are affordable, $70 and up — I strive to make them at lower price point,” she said.

Diane Davis of D. Pearl Davis crochet design used the BADA event as an opportunity to reinvigorate her hat design business. Speaking of her wares, Davis said: “I have been doing [hats] since 2004, all of these [new] hats are inspired by my first ideas. I’m into avant-garde type — I call them helmets.”

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