The last 12.5 million shares of Burlington Stores shares held by Bain Capital Partners LLC and its affiliates will sell in a secondary offering to the underwriters at J.P. Morgan for $58.77 a share.

That would yield approximately $734 million to the selling shareholders and end a nearly nine-year equity relationship between Bain and the off-price retailer, which Bain purchased for $2.06 billion in 2006.

Bain will continue to have a management consulting role with Burlington, according to previous Securities and Exchange Commission documents issued by the store.

Bain took Burlington public in 2013 and has sold off additional blocks of shares since then, leaving it with 12.5 million shares, or 16.4 percent of those outstanding, as of January.

Burlington’s initial public offering was at $17 a share. A secondary offering earlier this year was priced at $48.75. Shares Monday closed up 1 cent to $58.17.