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In WalletHub’s ranking of the best non-co-branded personal and business credit cards that offer return extension features, Discover came out on top.

Return extension services allow eligible cardholders to return products that aren’t accepted back by retailers typically as a practice of fraud protection. According to WalletHub’s research, returned stolen goods take up a little less than four percent of all returns.

For the third consecutive year, WalletHub analysts said Discover offers the best credit cards for return-extension benefits. Citi-Prestige secured the second position. Chase Sapphire Preferred and Reserve cards tied for third position with J.P. Morgan Reserve cards as well.

“Fifty-one percent of non-co-branded consumer credit cards offer return-extension programs,” said WalletHub analysts. It isn’t as promising if you didn’t luck out in secret Santa at the office, however. Only two of the top business credit cards — American Express and Chase — offer the benefit.

Of the credit cards that offer the benefit, 94 percent accept returns up to 90 days after the purchase date. According to WalletHub analysts, most return item amounts are capped at $300. The research discovered that most credit cards do not limit the amount of claims that can be made in a year, but do have a maximum amount of money that can be refunded annually.

There are certain products that consumers might just have to live with — jewelry and video games were the top two items that weren’t accepted as part of the policies. WalletHub analysts found that 45 percent of credit cards excluded both items as part of policies belonging to the program. Customer service matters: look to American Express, Wells Fargo and U.S.S.A.A. for the most transparency on its return-extension programs.

To discern the rankings, WalletHub analysts explored publicly available information for product return extensions for all non-co-branded personal and business credit cards from the 10 largest credit card issuers by purchase volume. Policies were ranked on criteria including sign-up requirements, product coverage and exclusions, maximum dollar amount of coverage per item, annual coverage limit, return period, claims, claim period and transparency score. The card with the most accumulated points received the highest score.

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