After raising $500,000 in financing in Australia for Cuuura, an app and social media platform aimed at the indecisive, Josh Goulburn plans to spend the next 12 months establishing Cuuura in New York and building its base of users and financial supporters.

Launched in February in Sydney, the app currently has an engagement aspect, not an e-commerce one. Users are encouraged to create simple polls for their “what-should-I-wear?” or “what-should-I-buy?” types of questions. Goulburn and his cofounder John Mount tapped David Taing as the company’s chief technology officer to develop the app. Mount died unexpectedly earlier this week in Australia.

For the time being, Cuuura’s focus is to build a community. “It’s very much a numbers game. For now, we want to cater to all types of customers and produce a significant following.” Goulburn said. “So much is going on around those online purchases in terms of questions, but no one is capitalizing on all that information.”

As for how the company will turn a dollar, once a significant base is in place, users will have the option of uploading images of their own clothing for peer-to-peer selling. Another potential stream of revenue may be generated by aligning with brands interested in doing their own polling or selling through their respective brand ambassadors. With a modest base of about 3,000 active users, Cuuura aims to have 60,000 to 100,000 by the end of the year, said Goulburn. Users will soon have the option to stream video, instant message and create their own groups. The app’s name is a riff on the Latin word for “to curate.”

Goulburn is not a newcomer to fashion. After starting and running Platform, a men’s and women’s lifestyle/designer brand, with Josh Goot for five years, he later launched another label, Bureau, in 2005. Looking to build online distribution for Bureau, Goulburn played a key part in the development of The Grand Social, a fashion e-commerce site that debuted in 2007 to showcase Australian designers and has since added New Zealanders. Building on that experience, Goulburn said he aims to secure $2 to $3 million for Cuuura’s second round of financing.