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Digital commerce provider Demandware released its 2016 Q2 Shopping Index and the consumer survey showed mobile phones as the top device for online shopping.

Approximately 400 million consumers spanning 40 regions and 800 web sites across the globe were included in the research. According to the index, digital commerce grew substantially as customers look to phones as the most convenient platform for item discovery and purchasing.

Digital commerce increased 22 percent in the second quarter while visits to online retailers flourished at 24 percent. According to the index, shoppers referred to multiple devices with real intention of purchasing during each trip more often this quarter. Of devices, mobile phones remained the most preferred platform for displaying buyer intention. Of the 16 percent of online customers exemplifying buying intention, nearly eight percent of the browsing was conducted on a mobile phone.

In the second quarter, mobile phone use accounted for 48 percent of online traffic — the highest of all devices. Traditional computers clocked in at 44 percent. Phones also took order share away from computers. Twenty-seven percent of online orders were completed on a mobile phone while 61 percent of shoppers still checked out on their computer.

Social-influenced traffic to online retailers is rising. The research found that social media accounted for approximately three percent of all digital traffic — a 55 percent increase from last year. What’s more, this traffic was responsible for one percent of all orders. Perhaps unsurprisingly, mobile phone shoppers were most susceptible to social media marketing strategies as nearly four percent of mobile traffic was referred from social media.

As shoppers transition to mobile phones from other devices, overall conversion rates fell two percent. Buying intention on computers also decreased by one percent largely due to this shift as well.

Online shoppers relied on the original bot, the search bar for a variety of product references. The most searched items in the U.S. were dresses, shoes and shirts. White, black and blue were the most frequently searched colors. Denim, swim and maxi topped the attribute list.

Demandware, a Salesforce company, facilitates customer optimization through the utilization of community insights and integrated partnerships. The Demandware Shopping Index identifies and maps trends and shifts in shopping activity year-on-year.