NEW YORK — CelebSales plans to go ahead with an April 10 fashion show of its licensed Roseanne Arnold Collection of plus-size clothing, even though the star has slapped the company with a lawsuit to terminate the license.

A CelebSales spokeswoman said the show, scheduled to take place at the Metronome restaurant on Broadway and 21st Street, is expected to attract 700 buyers, press and retail management people, and security will be tight.

“Our lawyers tell us we’re in the right,” said Stanley Warner, president of CelebSales. “They breached the contract. There is a chance this will be resolved.”

Warner said he wants to go ahead with the Roseanne line, even though early this week — when news of the Arnold suit first broke — he declared that he’d “rather have Hitler’s name on the clothes than Roseanne’s.”

“We want to keep Roseanne’s license and sell Tom’s to Looney Tunes,” said Warner, in a reference to Arnold’s husband. Warner earlier had announced plans to do a Tom Arnold men’s wear line as well.

A spokesman for the Arnolds said Thursday they were not available for comment.

The Arnolds filed the lawsuit against CelebSales on March 15, after Warner failed to make a $250,000 payment due on March 1. In the suit, Roseanne and Tom Arnold are asking for $750,000 and the return of the line’s designs and patterns.

The Arnolds contend the dispute is over the delinquent payment, while Warner maintains it is over the rights to merchandise the line on television. Warner said that he believes he has the right to sell the line on TV, but the Arnolds argue the deal was strictly for specialty and department store selling.

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