Marc Lore oversees and Wal-Mart global e-commerce.

Call them the $5 million executives — and almost all of them are men.

WWD’s study of executive pay in retail, fashion and beauty for 2016 found 58 executives at U.S. companies who earned more than $5 million.

The leader was Marc Lore — brought on board at Wal-Mart Stores Inc. as an e-commerce savior of sorts — who had total pay of $243.9 million last year. But that tallied about $7.6 million without a big stock award tied to the retailer’s $3.3 billion acquisition of Lore’s

Including Lore, total pay for the 58 top earners jumped 56 percent to $845.8 million, according to regulatory filings.

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Excluding Lore and the five other executives whose pay for the prior year was not made public, the rest of the group saw their compensation increase on average 3 percent for a grand total of $556.4 million. Sixty percent of their overall pay came in the form of stock and options, the full value of which might not be realized give share price changes and vesting schedules.

Here is the full list: