After launching earlier this year, the Fair Fashion Center at Glasgow Caledonian University New York is rolling out two programs in line with its goal of proving the business case for sustainable business practices in the industry.

The first is an e-commerce initiative aimed at engaging consumers “to reduce the impacts of their online orders.” The second program is the publication of the Fair Fashion Guide, which is a book and online database of companies who are “building a sustainable fashion future.” The database will be launched on the organization’s Web site,, on Nov. 23.

The organization said the searchable database is designed for fashion professionals to “search organizations working in categories including climate, water, finance, governance, labor, materials, transportation, recycling, technology, awards and strategy.”

The e-commerce program involves two buttons. A “Reduce My Packaging” icon button allows shoppers the option of placing orders with minimal packaging. The “Carbon Off-Set” button allows online shoppers to round up their purchases to the nearest dollar to reduce the carbon dioxide impacts of the order.

“As of today, a broad spectrum of companies aligned with the FFC are already considering implementation for 2016, including PVH and Kering,” the organization said in a statement, adding that money raised in the rounding up initiative “will be used to invest in carbon off-set and renewable energy projects both domestically and abroad.”

Ken Duane, chief executive officer of Heritage Brands and North America Wholesale at PVH Corp., said, “The Fair Fashion Center is facilitating market based solutions, aligned with our core values and strategic objectives that allow brands like ours to do better for both people and the planet, while delivering value to our stockholders.”

Laurent Claquin, head of Kering Americas, agreed, and said the FFC “is essential for our industry and these initiatives contribute to the reduction of global impact on the environment. The Fair Fashion Center is providing us with accessible resources that are linked to profitability and directly aligned with our company’s goals.”

Cara Smyth, vice president of GCU NY and founding director of the Fair Fashion Center said, “Profitability and sustainability are not mutually exclusive. The apparel industry can be a powerful force for good and collaboration among companies on sustainability creates tremendous opportunity for our industry, and beyond.”



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