GLOVERSVILLE, N.Y. — Grandoe Corp., the last glove maker in upstate New York, has been sold to Totes-Isotoner, which is headquartered in Cincinnati, according to Michael Reese, president of the Fulton County Center for Regional Growth.

Grandoe closed its tanning business some 20 years ago, but remained in the packaging and distribution of gloves, which were made in China and the Far East. At its peak, when Grandoe did its own tanning and manufacturing, the firm employed about 400 people through the Seventies, but after closing the tanning operation, employment was reduced to about 100 people. According to Reese, about 30 people are still employed by Grandoe in sales and distribution.

Neither Grandoe’s chairman Richard Zuckerwar nor chief executive Eric Friedman returned calls concerning the sale of the business. While the tanning business has left Gloversville, there are still several leather finishers, such as Pearl Leather, which sells finished leather to Ford Motor Co., and Carville National, leather finisher. Townsend Leather is located in Johnstown, N.Y., and is also a leather finisher.

According to Reese, Grandoe still owns two buildings in Gloversville, on Bleecker Street and Grandoe Lane.

Cire and Smartdogs Brands have also become part of Totes-Isotoner, which manufactures umbrellas, footwear, gloves and accessories.

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