Retail consulting firm The Grayson Co. and executive search firm E.A. Hughes & Co. Inc. are forming Grayson/Hughes.

The new firm offers clients a broad range of operational, strategic and executive search services. Grayson will operate out of its Union Square office, while E.A. Hughes will stay at 245 Fifth Avenue. And while each entity will retain its own client base, its principals can work out of either office, depending on the needs of a project.

Bob Grayson, principal of The Grayson Co., said the new entity is the only firm of its kind combining retail consulting with executive search. “While both businesses remain intact, the clients of both companies can take advantage of the new synergies of Grayson/Hughes. Both of us expect this business to resemble more and more one combined entity. This is the first step toward that [goal].”

Elaine Hughes, principal at E.A. Hughes, who said that her “search practice is healthy,” noted, “Often times clients think they need to do a search when in fact they need to think strategically first. Many times I’ve wished for someone who can help [with that]. An executive search firm isn’t necessarily good at consulting.”

Grayson sees the combined entity as a good resource for firms that he works with that don’t have their own in-house recruitment office. Hughes said the entity will allow them to continue to develop deeper and more productive partnerships with clients as they address long-term growth strategies.