H-Farm is preparing to go public. The Italian, Silicon Valley-esque company, which provides funds and resources to Internet start-ups, is planning a capital increase of 10 million euros, or $11.16 million at current exchange rate, prior to launching an initial public offering on the Milan Stock Exchange by this summer.

H-Farm, which was founded ten years ago in Treviso by chief executive officer Riccardo Donadon, counts Renzo Rosso among its main shareholders. The Diesel chief owns about 15 percent of the company through his private investment company Red Circle Srl.

According to Donadon, who is to hire a chief investment officer to boost the company’s business, H-Farm expects to close 2015 with revenues of 8.5 million euros, or $9.5 million.

With the listing, H-Farm might be able to raise about 30 million euros, or $33.5 million, and according to Donadon, about 20 million euros, or $22.3 million will be invested in new start-ups.

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