NEW YORK — ILGWU members from New York, Pennsylvania and New Jersey took their escalating battle over jobs with The Leslie Fay Cos. to the doorstep of the company’s president, Michael J. Babcock, in Greenwich, Conn., on Saturday.

About 110 protesters staged an hour-long rally at the Greenwich Common in the town’s center at noon, then moved to Babcock’s residence, where they demonstrated for another 45 minutes.

Babcock, who was away for the weekend, said Monday through a spokesman, “These kinds of actions will only further polarize the parties. It would be better to sit down at the bargaining table and discuss the real issues.”

The Leslie Fay spokesman said the company and the union agreed Monday to meet at a bargaining session on Wednesday, the first in about two weeks.

The talks are for a contract to replace the one that expires May 31. Leslie Fay gave notice with the start of the talks in March that it plans to shut down its U.S. production, which the company says accounts for 28 percent of sales.

The shutdown, according to the union, would mean a loss of 2,000 jobs; Leslie Fay puts the figure at 1,200. If U.S. production is ended, the new contract would basically cover Leslie Fay’s distribution operations.

Detective Jim Hirsch of the Greenwich Police Department described the protest as “orderly.”

The union members carried signs with Babcock’s picture and the words, “Wanted for Killing Jobs.”