TOKYO — Itochu Corp., Tokyo, said it has negotiated a licensing agreement with Guess to expand the U.S. apparel company’s business in Japan.

A Guess spokeswoman said Tuesday that company officials had no comment.

According to Itochu, however, some products will be introduced as early as this spring. Under the agreement, Itochu is the main licensee of Guess products in Japan, starting with 11 sublicensees.

Products include casualwear and jeans sublicensed to J. Osawa & Co.; underwear and nightgowns with Ogihara & Co.; hosiery with Asahi Textile Co.; umbrellas, scarves and mufflers with Hayashimichi Co.; neckties with Tanaka Eiko-Do Co.; gloves with Yorks Co.; hats and caps with Urushihara Co.; belts and men’s leather goods with Yamani Inc., and women’s bags with Kuipo Co.

All the licensed lines begin with fall, except for hats and caps and women’s bags, which start this spring, Itochu said, adding that additional deals are for sportbags (Takaishi Co.), and casual shoes (Wago Sangyo Co.).

J. Osawa began importing Guess watches last April. Wago Sangyo has been the sole import and sales agency of sport shoes under an agreement with Guess Athletic, but it will also start producing licensed casual shoes under a new contract, according to Itochu.

Guess products, including jeans, accessories and watches, were exclusively imported to Japan by Daiichi Showa Co. from 1989 to 1991, according to a spokesman for Daiichi Showa.