Millennials — seemingly consistent in bucking trends — think credit cards are passé, and they prefer to use native credit apps on mobile devices instead, according to a recent study conducted by Koski Research and PayPal.

The research comes at a time when fashion-forward Millennials are expected to step-up spending this holiday shopping season. The data shows that Millennials are not carrying plastic credit cards, and are paying more frequently with credit that is digitally native than their Baby Boomer counterparts, the researchers said in their report. “They are not shunning credit, but find traditional plastic annoying and want credit options via technology — like everything else in their lives.”

Millennials are also now the fastest-growing demographic segment of PayPal Credit shoppers, and make up about 33 percent of all PayPal Credit shoppers, said Amanda Miller, head of global credit communications at PayPal. “Two years ago, they made up 28 percent of all PayPal Credit shoppers.”

Miller said 60 percent of Millennials don’t have a credit card, and don’t want one — “which reveals a significant shift in consumer behavior.”

Driving some of that change is a growing use of mobile devices for shopping. Millennials in particular are fatigued by using plastic. Of those polled, 29 percent found using traditional cards for online purchases to be “annoying,” which compares to 21 percent for Generation Xers and Boomers.

Simultaneously, Millennials are far more trustworthy of technology-based companies than their generational counterparts. Sixty-seven percent said they were more likely to trust a tech firm as compared to 59 percent of Gen Xers and 54 percent of Boomers.

In regard to making purchases using one-click native credit apps, Millennials leaned more toward apparel, shoes, jewelry and watches than other generations — which tended to prefer using these apps for plane tickets and vacation accommodations.

“When it comes to shopping and Millennials, it’s mobile first and often mile only,” Miller said adding that the Millennials using PayPal also have higher incomes and “are ready to buy.”

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