Miuccia Prada

MILAN Miuccia Prada’s personal investment vehicle Ludo Srl is going through a partial restructuring process, according to a report on Wednesday on Italian daily paper Milano Finanza Fashion.

Following the restructuring, Ludo Srl is expected to manage the designer’s financial assets. Prada plans to set up two companies: Ludo Due [Two in Italian] Srl will control her industrial investments, and Ludo Tre [Three in Italian] Srl will control her real estate and investments in the arts.

Reached for comment, Prada Group in a note to WWD said “the Ludo Srl holding company, entirely owned by Miuccia Prada, is undergoing a restructuring process aimed at focusing her interests on the management of financial shares.”

Ludo Due and Ludo Tre will reportedly have a capital of 100,000 euros each, entirely owned by Prada. A note of interest is that the artworks are reportedly valued at 42.3 million euros.

According to a document available on the web site of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, where Prada SpA is publicly listed, Ludo Srl controls a 53.8 percent stake in Bellatrix Srl. The latter is the main stakeholder of Prada Holding owning a 65 percent stake in the company, while the remainder 35 percent of the capital is controlled by Prada’s co-chief executive officer Patrizio Bertelli.