Hair-care star Oribe Canales and the owner of Oribe Hair Care — Luxury Brand Partners — faced off in court on Thursday after a full morning and partial afternoon of mediation failed to yield a conclusion to a years-long fight over a reality television show that was once in the works.

Luxury Brand’s chairman Moss Kadey is the only one who made it to the stand on Thursday, testifying regarding his decision to vote no on Oribe participating in the reality television show. “With a luxury product, I didn’t believe that it was compatible,” Kadey said. “Reality TV to me is Honey Boo Boo.”

According to a source close to the situation, the feud stems from a conflict about use of Oribe hair-care products versus other products on the potential show. Kadey agreed on the stand that a reality television show itself is not directly competitive with the Oribe Hair Care business.

Judge Saliann Scarpulla of the Supreme Court of the State of New York noted her frustration early in the day, saying “I seem to have made not even one baby step ahead,” and adding that she’s spent more time on the Oribe case than any other case she’s got pending.

“We feel confident that the evidence that was presented today has demonstrated that Oribe Hair Care unreasonably withheld their consent,” said Keith Silverstein, Canales’ lawyer. OHC did not comment by press time.

The parties have been entangled in a series of lawsuits since 2011, including one about terminating Canales from the Oribe board. Aside from Oribe, Luxury Brand Partners also owns V76, R+Co. and Smith & Cult.

The parties head back to court to continue to hearing on Friday, where Canales is expected to testify.

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