NEW YORK — Oribe Canales took the stand on Friday to testify in a hearing regarding a once-planned reality television show set to be produced by Jennifer Lopez that was quashed by the board of Oribe Hair Care several years ago.

The dispute stems from the removal of a line in a document that Luxury Brand Partners’ — which owns Oribe Hair Care — chairman Moss Kadey said was removed “at the 11th hour,” regarding the use of products that compete with the Oribe Hair Care line on the show. On the stand, Canales said he would not have allowed competitive products to be referenced in a positive way on the show. “It did not make sense to me as a hairdresser for a competing line to…sponsor the show,” Canales added.

If Canales were to emerge victorious, he’d be walking away with payment of his legal fees, sources said.

At the end of the hearing, Judge Saliann Scarpulla of the Supreme Court of the State of New York told all parties they would need to head back into court-ordered mediation to resolve other related lawsuits. Both sides spent much of Thursday attempting to mediate the reality television show dispute.

“We’ve had so much mediation it’s a waste of time, but we do what the judge says,” Canales said.

Kadey declined to comment.

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