In an inaugural report released today, the International Licensing Industry Merchandisers’ Association said licensed fashion goods bring in $29 billion in retail sales each year.

Total retail revenue of licensed goods is $241.5 billion globally with royalty fees alone totaling $13.4 billion, the association said, adding that fashion garners about a 12 percent share of total global retail sales. The top category goes to “character and entertainment” with $107 billion in retail sales, or about 44 percent of the total. Other top categories include “corporate trademark” at $53 billion, or a 22 percent share, and “sports” with $26 billion, or an 11 percent share.

By region, the association said the U.S./Canada “was by far the most dominant region with more than $144 billion in retail sales, nearly 60 percent of the worldwide total.” Europe had $57 billion in retail sales, while Asia had about $24 billion.