The tech sector that stole the IPO buzz from fashion companies in 2014 is on track to do it again this year.

Last month online hand-crafted marketplace Etsy completed its initial public offering. This week is Baozun, the largest brand e-commerce solutions provider in China. The Chinese firm helps bridge international brands to consumers in China. Some of its clients include Nike, Häagen-Dazs and Microsoft. Both elected to go public on the Nasdaq Exchange.

Joe Brantuk, vice president of new listings at Nasdaq, said, “The IPO market will be determined by overall market volatility and underlying fundamentals. The volatility index is staying in check right now and that’s a nice framework to build off of. The other thing that’s good for our view is that [filings] for IPOs are at an all-time five-year high.”

Many are in health care and biotech, and consumer and technology rounds out the top three sectors, Brantuk said. So far, he has tracked 11 international IPOs to date, and said there’s the potential for a fashion-related IPO later in the year.

Data analysis firm CB Insights noted in its “IPO Pipelines Report” that there are more than 580 tech firms in the IPO pipeline. The average deal price for seed- and later-stage tech firms is expected to be in the range of $111 million, which is up from an average of $101 million in 2014.