By Evan Clark
with contributions from Rosemary Feitelberg
 on July 25, 2018
Ivanka Trump, daughter and advisor to President Donald Trump, speaks at an event on Tax Day, in Derry, N.H. to promote the recently passed tax cut packageIvanka Trump Taxes, Derry, USA - 17 Apr 2018

Ivanka Trump’s fashion brand enjoyed plenty of time in the klieg lights — from early days fueled by her celebrity persona to an angry Oval Office tweet and a misguided endorsement by presidential adviser Kellyanne Conway to the line’s ultimate demise this week.

But the Ivanka Trump business online, as seen by big data company Edited, exhibited run-of-the-mill sales performance.

“We can’t see a real clear story of success that turned into failure, it just kind petered along,” said Katie Smith, retail analysis and insights director at Edited.

Data from Edited shows that retailers stocked the brand more around election time, but by the first quarter of this year, much less new product was making it to the market.

Sellouts, which are a proxy for a brand’s strength and rise when all sizes of a specific style are completely depleted, weakened considerably over the past few years. While in the early weeks of 2015, it was common for Ivanka Trump to have 80, 90 or more than 100 styles sold out online, numbers fell into the single digits this year, according to Edited. (There was one spike in January, when 235 styles sold out in a week, although that came as Bloomingdale’s dramatically cut prices on the brand.)

“It doesn’t feel like any one retailer was incredibly committed to the brand — not seeing constant stocking in the key retailers really championing the brand, it’s kind of a little bit all over the place,” Smith said.

Lord & Taylor has the deepest assortment of Ivanka Trump styles left in stock, followed by Dillard’s, Zappos and Macy’s, according to Edited.

Smith said the company’s accessories sold best, with pumps in solid colors such as black or gold standing out.

“There are so many of these brands of this type of scale that I’ve literally never heard of,” Smith said. “It’s just had this huge spotlight put on it.”

Now the spotlight’s on the farewell sale.

The resale site ThredUp is offering an assortment of Ivanka Trump apparel and accessories with sizable discounts. A cardigan, for example, was marked down to $33 from $149, a black dress with a scalloped hemline was priced at $22 from $119, and metallic heels were discounted to $31 from $109.

Ivanka Trump is said to have gone from a business that was projecting sales of $230 million around 2012 to $100 million when her father, Donald Trump, was sworn in as president to nil sometime in the near future.

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