NEW YORK — Starting with this fall’s collection, the men’s and women’s lines of Basco All-American Sportswear will be distributed by The Barry Wishnow Group, an apparel management company here.

Wishnow, a veteran of Hugo Boss and Schoeneman Inc., left his post as president of Calvin Klein Menswear at GFT U.S.A. in July to start the company carrying his name.

Wishnow noted that Basco’s relationship with Barneys New York, which owns part of the sportswear company, will not be changed by his new role. He added that while he has not assumed an equity position with Basco, he has “taken an active management position.”

Wishnow’s firm will handle sales, licensing and marketing as well as the distribution of Basco through its offices at 520 Broadway here. These functions had been handled directly by Basco. Lance Karesh continues as design director at Basco.

Charles Fiermosca, who had been president of Basco, left the company two months ago. That position is currently vacant.

The first focus for the line, Wishnow said, will be to “get ourselves repositioned.

“Basco still has a nice distribution, but it’s less than it was a few years ago. But even more than the distribution, the volume done with existing accounts needs to be improved. And we need to solidify the fundamentals of the business — product and distribution,” he said.

Using the retail contacts he’s developed, Wishnow said he will focus on distribution first in North America and then possibly move into Europe.

“I think it will be exclusively in America right now, but I hope to take it to other markets soon,” said Wishnow.