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Fashion’s Pricing Powerlessness

It is a given that the pandemic has touched almost everything in the consumer landscape, but the changes are particularly clear in pricing. The latest government data, released Tuesday, shows that fashion’s pricing power is much more on par with the out-of-luck airlines than the on-the-rise health insurers — or even used cars and trucks. Here, how prices have changed in 60 categories across the consumer landscape in the past year.
Price changes between September 2019 and September 2020
Fuel oil -27.2%
Airline fares -25.0%
Men’s suits, sport coats and outerwear -18.7%
Women’s dresses -16.8%
Public transportation -16.5%
Gasoline, unleaded regular -15.8%
Lodging away from home -13.0%
Boys’ apparel -11.4%
Televisions -11.3%
Men’s shirts and sweaters -11.2%
Women’s outerwear -10.3%
Women’s apparel -8.9%
Women’s suits and separates -8.9%
Boys’ and girls’ footwear -8.7%
Men’s and boys’ apparel -7.2%
Women’s and girls’ apparel -7.2%
Men’s apparel -6.2%
Apparel -6.0%
Infants’ and toddlers’ apparel -5.8%
Toys -5.7%
Women’s underwear, nightwear, swimwear and accessories -5.3%
Transportation services -5.1%
Footwear -4.8%
Women’s footwear -4.6%
Cosmetics, perfume, bath, nail preparations and implements -3.3%
Apples -3.2%
Men’s footwear -2.9%
Men’s pants and shorts -2.1%
Fresh cakes and cupcakes -2.0%
Bedroom furniture -1.9%
Audio equipment -1.6%
Pets and pet products -1.6%
Personal care products -0.5%
Jewelry -0.3%
Eggs 0.1%
College tuition and fees 0.7%
Roasted coffee 0.9%
Furniture and bedding 0.9%
All items 1.4%
Candy and chewing gum 2.3%
Girls’ apparel 2.4%
Rent of primary residence 2.7%
Jewelry and watches 2.8%
Moving, storage, freight expense 2.8%
Fruits and vegetables 3.0%
Dental services 3.0%
Food 3.9%
Bread 3.9%
Fresh vegetables 4.0%
Ice cream and related products 4.5%
Men’s underwear, nightwear, swimwear and accessories 4.5%
Fish and seafood 4.7%
Haircuts and other personal care services 5.0%
Cigarettes 5.3%
Watches 6.0%
Carbonated drinks 6.1%
Milk 7.2%
Used cars and trucks 10.3%
Pork chops 11.2%
Health insurance 14.1%
Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

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