Government and Trade

2017 Apparel Textile Sourcing Canada  Day 2

Government and Trade

Apparel Textile Sourcing Canada Gains Newfound Support From China

Chinese ambassador Lu Shaye will help open the upcoming Apparel Textile Sourcing Canada event on Aug. 20 to 22 in Toronto.

clock 16hTracey Greenstein

President-elect of Mexico Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador arrives for a meeting with the Ambassador of the Republic of China in Mexico Qiu Xiaoqi (out of frame), in Mexico City, Mexico, 02 August 2018. Obrador will seek the adjustment of the trade balance with China, for which a Mexican delegation will travel to the Asian countryLopez Obrador will seek adjustment of trade balance with China, Mexico City - 02 Aug 2018

Government and Trade

Mexican Textiles Pin Recovery on Incoming President Obrador

The president-elect’s anti-corruption pledge and promise to fund training programs gives Mexican apparel and textile firms hope they can turn around their fortunes.

clock August 5, 2018Ivan Castano

retail stores jobs

Government and Trade

Specialty Stores Add Workers, Trade War Intensifies

Retailers are fighting for workers and worrying over the escalating trade war with China.

clock August 3, 2018Evan Clark

The turmoil in Nicaragua is causing U.S. fashion brands to re-evaluate their sourcing from the country and the region.

Government and Trade

Nicaragua Crisis Seen Spoiling Central America Sourcing, Investment

The turmoil in the Central American country is causing American fashion brands to review their sourcing of apparel from the entire region.

clock July 31, 2018Ivan Castano

Government and Trade

Government Report Shows Direct Investments Into and Out of the U.S. Increases

The bulk of investments were equity ones in manufacturing and through holding companies.

clock July 30, 2018Arthur Zaczkiewicz

People carry shopping bags in New York, New York, USA, 01 August 2017. A report released today by the United States' Commerce Department showed moderate consumer spending growth in June of this year.US Consumer Spending, New York, USA - 01 Aug 2017

Government and Trade

Strong Consumer Spending Boosts Q2 Economic Growth

Experts are questioning how long it can last against a backdrop of rising interest rates and an ongoing trade war.

clock July 27, 2018Kathryn Hopkins

Donald. J. TrumpDonald Trump signs the 'Allow States and Victims to Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act of 2017', Washington, USA - 11 Apr 2018United States President Donald. J. Trump listens to victims' stories before signing bill 'H.R. 1865', the 'Allow States and Victims to Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act of 2017' at The White House in Washington, DC, USA, 11 April 2018. With Trump are victims and family members of victims of online sex trafficking and members of the Congress.

Government and Trade

President Trump Lashes Out Anew at Amazon

The Donald, awash in a sea of criticism, reaches out to a lifeline — his love of attacking all things Amazon.

clock July 23, 2018Adriana Lee

A protest by animal rights activiists CAFT (Coalition to Abolish the Fur trade) against the use of fur by the Fashion industry blockades one of the venues for London Fashion Week in the Aldwych.Anti-Fur Protest, London Fashion Week, UK - 17 Sep 2017

Government and Trade

U.K. Government Should Consider Banning Fur, Post-Brexit  

A parliamentary committee has called for a government hearing on fur and demanded tighter regulations on labeling.

clock July 22, 2018Samantha Conti

Shipping containers are stacked on the deck of a ship in Kwai Tsing Container Terminals, Hong Kong, 11 July 2018. According to reports, Hong Kong's finance minister Paul Chan said the short-term impact on the city of China's escalating trade war with the United States would be limited to a dip in growth of just 0.1 or 0.2 of a percentage point. According to reports, US President Donald Trump announced on 10 July that US is preparing to impose 10 percent tariffs worth 200 billion US dollars on imported goods from China.A container ships sails the East lamma Channel, Hong Kong, China - 11 Jul 2018

Government and Trade

Trump Doubles Down on Threat to Raise Levies on All Chinese Imports

The President said he was ready to place tariffs on $500 billion worth of imports from China.

clock July 20, 2018Kathryn Hopkins

Google office in London

Government and Trade

Google Fined 4.34 Billion Euros in European Antitrust Case

Google violated antitrust rules to bolster its search engine on Android devices, according to European authorities.

clock July 18, 2018Mimosa Spencer

A look from the VOZ fall 2016 collection.

Government and Trade

Artisans Speak Out on the Effects of the Counterfeit Textile Trade

Voz artisans discuss the long-lasting effects of the counterfeit textile trade.

clock July 15, 2018Tracey Greenstein

An artisan at Tiffany's jewelry design and innovation center.

Government and Trade

Silver Lining for High-End Jewelers Amid Escalating Trade War

Luxury jewelry companies could benefit from a cut in levies by the Chinese government at the beginning of the month.

clock July 13, 2018Kathryn Hopkins

Donald J. TrumpTrump places tariffs on Chinese imports, Washington, USA - 22 Mar 2018US President Donald J. Trump speaks before signing a presidential memorandum targeting what the White House termed 'China?s economic aggression' in the Diplomatic Room of the White House in Washington, DC, USA, 22 March 2018. China is threatening retaliation for the tariffs on $50 billion US dollars (40 billion euros) of Chinese imports, sparking further fears of a trade war.

Government and Trade

Experian Sees Trade War, Interest Rates Weighing Down on Consumers

A data analyst at the firm said consumers need to be wary of how federal policies impacts costs and credit.

clock July 13, 2018Arthur Zaczkiewicz

Masses of women leave their factories at the end of the day in Chittagong, southern Bangladesh. This region has more than 500,000 people employed in its garment sector.

Government and Trade

In Bangladesh’s Factories, Rohingya Refugees Work in Fear Under the Radar

Fleeing from Myanmar to Bangladesh, members of the Rohingya group secretly work in the nation’s apparel sector — but hide their true origins.

clock July 13, 2018Dene-Hern Chen

Minimum usage fee is £35Mandatory Credit: Photo by Cultura/REX/Shutterstock (9706678a)MODEL RELEASED, Female customer in shop, paying for goods using credit card on contactless payment machine, mid section, close-upVARIOUS

Government and Trade

Inflation Rises at Fastest Pace in Six Years, Raising Concerns Over Consumer Spending

Economists predict an escalating trade war will push prices up further, squeezing shoppers.

clock July 12, 2018Kathryn Hopkins

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