Tod’s chairman and chief executive officer Diego della Valle, who recently formed the association “Noi Italiani” (or “We Italians,) on Wednesday night appeared on Italian political TV show “Otto e Mezzo.”

The entrepreneur didn’t confirm his intention to enter politics, but didn’t close any door. “We start with a social movement, which we already experimented [with] on a company scale,” he said. “If we will succeed in putting together a lot of people embracing this project, in June we will be able to become a mass movement….If millions of citizens who are silent and don’t see alternatives decide to do something with us, we will get into the second phase. ”

Through this speech, Della Valle rejected Silvio Berlusconi’s earlier declarations. Last week, Italy’s former prime minister made an appearance on TV show “Porta a Porta,” saying that Della Valle is not aiming at entering the political arena.