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MILAN — Google is closing its tax dispute in Italy.

The company signed an agreement on Thursday with the Italian Revenue Agency to regularize its fiscal position in the country, according to media reports.

Google will pay a sum of 306 million euros, or $336 million at current exchange rate, to the Italian Revenue Agency, which investigated the web company’s tax payments from 2002 to 2015.

Google is not the only technology giant to have fiscal problems in Italy.

Last year, Apple paid the Italian Revenue Agency a sum of 318 million euros, or $350 million at average exchange.

Most recently, Amazon’s Italian subsidiary has faced similar fiscal troubles over allegations it avoided paying Italian taxes of 130 million euros, or $141.66 million. According to the Italian tax police, Amazon shifted its revenues, generated in the Italian market, into the parent company based in Luxembourg, which is considered a tax haven.

The Italian tax police gave the results of its investigations to both the Italian public prosecutor Adriano Scudieri and to the Italian Revenue Agency, which will start investigating Amazon.

In December, Amazon said it is investing 65 million euros, or $67.8 million, to open a new logistics center in Vercelli, in the Piedmont region. The new hub, which will span more than 1.1 million square feet, will be inaugurated next fall and will employ 600 people. Amazon, which debuted in Italy in 2010 and invested more than 450 million euros, or $469.5 million, in the country, already operates a logistics center in the Emilia-Romagna region, as well as an urban logistics hub in Milan dedicated to the Amazon Prime Now service that debuted in 2015. Another logistics center is opening in Passo Corese, about 40 miles from Rome, next year and it will employ 1,200 people.

According to media reports, the Italian tax police are also investigating Airbnb, which in 2015 filed a tax return in Italy of only 45,775 euros, or $50,810 at average exchange rate.

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