Hillary Clinton

WASHINGTON — Hillary Clinton enlisted the help of a New England shirtmaker in a new television ad that takes another jab at Donald Trump for reportedly making his signature suit and tie collection abroad.

The new “Hillary for America” ad, set to air this week, features Massachusetts-based shirt manufacturer, New England Shirt Company.

It continues the string of criticism over Made in America that Clinton, the Democratic presidential candidate, has launched at Republican presidential candidate Trump.

Robert Kidder, the owner of the company that was founded in 1883, is featured in the ad, proudly stating that he employs more than 60 people in his factory, making shirts labeled “Made in America.”

“But Donald Trump’s brand of shirts come from China, his suits from Mexico, his coats from India,” Kidder asserted. “Trump’s products have been made in 12 other countries because he says there is no place in America that he can make them. Well there is. You know, Donald Trump says he’ll make America great again while he’s taking the shirts right off our backs.”

Clinton’s campaign issued a press release and a clip of the ad on Wednesday morning.

The shirtmaker is the oldest operating read-to-wear shirt manufacturer in the U.S., that has played a central role in America’s textile industry, dating back to the colonial era in Fall River, Mass., the campaign said.

Clinton’s campaign is using the ad to spotlight what it said is Trump’s  “long history of making Trump-branded products outside of America.”

The ad is part of a “concerted effort over the past month to contrast Trump’s hypocritical business record with Hillary Clinton’s agenda to make the economy work for everyone, not just those at the top,” the campaign said.

The 30-second ad is a part of the campaign’s broadcast buy in Florida, Iowa, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Ohio and Pennsylvania.

Earlier this month, Clinton’s campaign spotlighted U.S. men’s wear companies in a “buyer’s guide” it released for Trump, calling him out for aiming to make America great again while his own clothing and accessories are reportedly produced abroad.

The campaign said it didn’t take long to find over 100 examples of U.S. manufacturers and businesses “ready and able to produce the same goods he makes overseas.”

Trump’s campaign did not respond to a request for comment on the new television ad or the claims about his signature suit collection being made abroad.