WASHINGTON — The House approved a six-week extension on Tuesday to reconsider a trade assistance package that was defeated last week, giving some life to an Obama administration trade package that is in jeopardy.

On a vote of 236 to 189, the House voted to give six more weeks — until July 30 — for the chamber to vote again on Trade Adjustment Assistance, a program that helps workers displaced by trade.

President Obama’s trade agenda has been in disarray since Friday, when a large bloc of members of his own Democratic party led the defeat of TAA, a program they have traditionally support, in an effort to torpedo another measure — presidential Trade Promotion Authority.

While the House passed TPA on Friday, the defeat of TAA blocked the package from moving to the president’s desk for his signature.

The vote on Tuesday will buy time for Republican leaders and the White House to try to find a path forward on trade.